Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wonderful & Cool Here....

that much I love. I still can't figure how to add a link, I posted the same post twice the other day while dinking around trying to "learn" something technical, my dog Henry will NOT quit barking at the grass or whatever is in his range of eyesight right now and he's driving me crazy. But it's cool, and there's a gorgeous breeze coming in the windows, and I know I should be DOING SOMETHING constructive but I can hardly keep my eyes open and I cannot go to the bathroom. Yes, I am well aware that that is TMI. But this medicine Abilify is going to kill me. I've convinced myself I must have a bowel obstruction - only I know I'd be in more pain. I did just have surgery in April again to remove the ole gall bladder - could be. I'm just miserable is all I can say.

Hey does anyone know that if you post a comment on someone's site and you aren't technically a decorating blog - do they or can they delete what you had to say? It kind of ticks me off. I gave a very nice comment regarding someone's floor and told how I had accomplished mine and I don't see it. Cripes I probably deleted it myself knowing me.

Tomorrow night I will be making like 120 cupcakes with my friend Patty for her husband's 60th birthday party coming up this weekend. She and I are only 45 so I give her grief about her old man all the time. I tell him also - he tries to act all gruff, but I'm hoping deep down he's a good guy.

Well here is my latest guffaw of the week. I called my therapist yesterday to ask what day my appointment was cause I had one day at 1 and another day at 4 - and I knew I was just going once this week. So the mssg plays, and I say - Hi Kris, this is Kris Gedstad and I need to check on my correct appointment time. Everyone in the office started to crack up. Her name is Kris Gedstad - not mine.

It's 7:56 and I feel as if I could go to bed. Why am I so tired???? Maybe the neurologist will be able to find the reason on the 14th of September when I finally get in to see her. Some days I truly feel as if I've lost my mind. Scary.

Am loving everyone's projects they are doing - I even got my friend Patty to try crafting today - and she did it. She called so proud of herself. Just takes a little time, that's all.

Til next time.

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