Saturday, August 1, 2009

What can possibly happen next?

I am a huge fan of the decorating blogs and find myself going there to "get away" from things. I just read the funniest site called thisdmnhouse - whomever writes it is a hoot!

Well I woke up yesterday and could hardly move my body hurt so much. This was the 3rd day of this type of body ache but they seemed to be getting worse. So at 6:30 on Friday morning I am reading the inserts to the new drugs they've put me on and what does it say? "If muscle and joint pain persists call the doctor immediately". Of course it says that. I just paid $40 for the co-pay and took 9 pills out of the 60 they gave me. I called and left messages before 7 and they finally called me back about 11. Stop taking the drug. Really? Give the weekend to let it get out of my system totally and then start Abilify on Monday. Oh, and I can take as much Klonopin this weekend as I need for anxiety - is that an incentive? I talked to my friend Nancy in CA who is also an OVCA survivor and she takes this Abilify - she said she can't take the whole dose - it's like being on speed. Since I've never had that experience before I don't know what to expect - my poor co-workers.

So today my body doesn't hurt quite as bad as it did, but I'm so tired yet. Have my own decorating projects I'd like to get done and can't find the energy really. That and somehow pink snap-on screwdriver has disappeared and my son won't pick up his phone so I can if he used it during his move. I need it to take down some curtain rods.

The weather is gorgeous today and for that I am so thankful - who would think on August 1st you could have all of the windows open, the sun out and a breeze blowing through your house? Love it.

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  1. Kris -- The "guilty party' responsible for This D*mn House would be me! So glad to have given you something to take your mind off things and provided a little amusement in the bargain. :-)

    Sorry to hear that you're battling a variety of demons. So glad you came by. Come back anytime!