Thursday, August 13, 2009

No Rest For The Wicked

I am supposed to be feeling absolutely exhausted right now because they changed my meds, again, and here it is after 10 and I'm wide awake and think I should go back in my bedroom and finish getting it arranged. I have some idea's of what to do for a headboard type art project - I just hope what comes out matches what I have in my head.

My poor boy is so distracted and upset and worried about this girl he has fallen in love with. He is the nicest young man, would never hurt a fly and he's so worried that when they talk tonight she may say let's cool it for a while. He will be devastated................and we all know that time heals all wounds, etc. but this is his first true love and he just can't believe he's found her and maybe it won't work out no matter how hard they try. I'm just saying some prayers and hoping he found his friend Aly to get some "girl" advice. She is the fiance of his best friend James - but in my heart Aly will always be the girl who got a way (they were 11) because I still call her my daughter in law. She lost her mom to ovarian cancer 6 weeks before I was diagnosed. Isn't that eerie?

I recovered my vanity stool tonight in a silk ice blue material that I also fashioned a bedskirt out of. I think I'm going to use the rest of the fabric and put it in a frame with my initial - that should look pretty. The room is coming together. I'll be happy when it is done.

I told you above that they changed my meds again so - told me just to stop them. Everything I've read on it since says you are to dose down until you get off of them so you don't get side effects. Well this morning I woke up with club like feet, swollen hands & fingers and my back hurt from my head down to my tailbone. Ticked me off to no end. I am so sick of medicine I could literally scream.

Well I should shut the computer down so I can get settled and start to feel tired. It's always something - that's what I should have named my blog. ha

til next time

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  1. Hang in there! Friday's finally here so maybe you'll have a chance to regroup over the weekend.