Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday and so much going on....

I made it to work today ALL DAY LONG! This is quite an achievement. This is also my 3rd day on Abilify and I've felt as if I'm so tired I couldn't keep my eyes open one moment longer at any point of the day, and on the other hand I feel like I am just totally hyped up. My friend Nancy, who is also a 2 year ovarian cancer survivor, said she felt as if she'd been on speed while taking the 5 mg dose - but how am I supposed to know how that feels like? I've NOT done speed. I am still waiting for the med management nurse to call me back. I feel as if I'm babbling.

I just got off of Kelly's Korner and her latest blog entry (can someone tell me how to add a link?) and it took my breath away because her friends delivered a baby by emergency c-section today and they believe the baby is brain dead. She was due in two weeks. If that isn't enough to rip your heart out - then the catch in my throat when she said the baby's name made me want to cry. Reese. My baby brother and sister in law are due with their first child, a girl, on September 25th and they are planning to name her Reese Olivia - all you can really do is pray for them. All of them.

No numbers for me today so I am trying desperately to believe no news is good news - either that or they (my nurses) are trying to catch me at a time where they know I won't be at work and have a breakdown if the number is over 35. The magic number for ovarian cancer survivors - we live and breathe by it. Disgusting really. Because you can have low numbers and have many tumors or a big number and not much cancer evident in your body. I don't know how it works - but you always pray for anything under 35 - but mine has been running below 9 since my first chemo in August of 2007 so think good thoughts.

NV - sounds like you are feeling a little better? Antibiotics should have kicked in by now I would guess. Thanks for your comments -

Talk soon.

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