Friday, August 7, 2009


First to NV over at This D*mn House - I hope you are feeling better. Rest!!! You deserve it.

So I just read my last blog that was random as hell and I see I wanted to write about Kelly Rae Roberts. Have you read her blog? Been to her Etsy site? She is amazing with a capital A. When I first started looking at the decorating blogs - I was always drawn to certain ones by their names, by what their post was that day, how their blog looked, and if they had anything that touched my heart when I read it.

I remember reading Kelly's blog and she is just a beautiful person - you can tell that by the way she writes. She believes so deeply in so many things. And she is an amazing artist. When I saw her work I wanted to buy one of everything. I'm not kidding. Her sister is an artist too - and she had the most beautiful angel made out of an old, cracked hand mirror. I could have swooned.

About 2 weeks after I had started figuring this whole blog world thing out, I went to one of our local gift shops because I had money to spend for my birthday. I am one of those people who like to look at everything - but knows exactly what I will and will not buy. If I love it - I pick it up and it goes homes. So at this shop I went through the whole store and find myself almost back to the entrance with nothing in my hands to buy and I looked up and saw the most beautiful Angel hanging there - she's done in reds and yellows and greens and her face is serene and the words on her dress say "wear yellow shows" "live as if this is your last day" "think positive" - and I took her off the wall and went and paid. When I got home I was reading the back about the artist and lo and behold who is it done by? Kelly Rae Roberts from her first collection for Demdaco. It was fate.

More then that, being a cancer survivor the words mean something to me. I have her hanging on the wall across from where I sit every day and I look at her all the time - and I go to the Etsy shop and daydream, and I love angels in general - and she's perfect.

My house is old, it's funky, each room has a different vibe and I like it that way. But most of all I love how there are so many wonderful women (and men) who are posting away about their lives, showing their strong selves to the world, trying to make a difference, and all in the name of their passion for design, art, their families, and all else they believe in.

We have come a long way baby.

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  1. Thanks, Kris! I DO feel better. It will be another few days at least before I am completely back (due in part to having to wait until tomorrow for antibiotics). But, I got to eat real food today. That would be the one thing in any kind of extended illness that would be my undoing. I LOVE to eat! :-)