Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Winner Is....

So You Think You Can Dance is officially over for the season and Jeannine won. I thought it would be Brandon - whom I've loved from the beginning. Oh well - I just love watching those kids do their things and go for their dreams. What a joy.

I made it to work again today - yeah! But not without a lot of self talk. I was not feeling well this morning and would have rather stayed home and stared at the walls. But I made it. Had my counseling session today also and Kris (same spelling and all!) said when she gets really pissed off she writes letters to people that are truthful instead of fake and full of "oh I'm so happy" kind of things - but she doesn't send them. I told her I was blogging/journaling and it seems to be helping somewhat. I thought it was funny though when she said she likes to write Easter letters that say Happy F****** Easter to you. I'm not trying to offend anyone - really - but when you are as depressed as I am, any kind of smile, giggle, or acknowledgment that something amuses me is a good thing.

I didn't get much time to read a lot of my favorite blogs tonight - but NV I do believe Astroturf may be the way to go. Maybe you can find some on Craigslist. haha! When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer my friends husbands would fight over who was mowing for me that particular week. Before that, not one of them offered - but my teenage lawn boy does a good job. He even wears eye protection when weed eating - I love that!!

I am thrilled to hear that Judge Sotomayor was confirmed for the Supreme Court today - way to go. I love women that are strong, opinionated, caring, gracious and always try to do the right thing. I believe that's why I have such a strong support group here in my little town - we have some amazing women around here.

Well this is the most confusing blog ever I'd say - you'd think I had schizophrenia (I don't, I swear). Just random thoughts flooding my mind. No wonder I can never sleep -

TGIF tomorrow - 8 hours and home for 2 days by myself. I may even get some projects done.

Remind me to talk about Kelly Rae Roberts tomorrow - she's amazing.

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