Thursday, September 17, 2009

Testing done for now

Wow - what a day I had. Go, go, go from 6:15 this morning until 2:23 this afternoon - nothing but driving, appointments, taking clothes on and off, tests, xrays, MRI, and doctors. By the time I was done with getting my port flushed and having to be stuck twice I was literally shuffling my feet I was that tired. I even slept last night which was awesome.

My med manager said that I am doing really well - I could be the poster child for what happens when the right meds are put together. That's a huge compliment considering how long it took to get me there. So I go back in 10 weeks and we may do some adjusting for the winter season as most people get out of whack during those months because of where we live (SD) and just because there is so much darkness during the winter. Left there feeling good about the appointment.

Stopped by TJ Maxx to see if there were any new incredible things to buy that I just had to have. Well of course. I bought 2 really cool plates that will look nice in my bedroom and they look old and faded and gorgeous. $2.00 each. Also found a cute sweater - so when it turns cold, I'll be prepared. ha!

Back to Brookings I went. Saw my family doctor about my pelvic pain. Did an xray and she decided it's more of pubic bone pain and that it might be wise to have a cortisone shot to see if it'll take the edge off. I told her I'd think about it - the thought of a needle "there" doesn't make me feel very good. I'm going to do some research though and get b ack to her.

Next was the brain MRI - wow. Never had one done before - cannot, for the life of me, imagine how scary it must be for kids in that thing. I held on for dear life to the little "call button" they give you just in case. Not as bad as I thought it'd be - but still, glad it's over with.

Went back to the clinic for a port flushing and poor Nila, who was swamped today, put the needle in a spot that just wasn't going to work - plus it hurt - so we had to take it out and start all over again. Of course!! 2nd try worked and I was free to go.

Didn't go back to work - went home and took a nap which was much needed. I am already exhausted and want to go to bed and it's 8:33 p.m. = must be my age! lol

Won't have results until next week I guess so I'll let you know when I do.

Met my BFF tonight for dinner and we got to play catch up. That was nice.

Til next time -


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