Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gorgeous Saturday here in SD

It was so beautiful out today - 75, sunny, light breeze - perfect weather a few days before fall officially begins. Love it!

Slept like a rock last night which isn't unusual with how tired I was on Friday. Could not keep my eyes open at work - it was horrible. Had my therapy session as well and that went well - we are going to skip a couple of weeks now and see how things go. I've been seeing Kris for almost a year now and along with the meds can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah!!!!

My day was a good one today - up early, met the girls for breakfast club and chatted and caught up with everyone until about 11:30, went to the consignment shop and found myself a cool red pot that looks perfect in the living room and a couple of work shirts that are much needed. Next I came home and finished my collage I've been working on and it looks pretty cool - got it hung up over my bed also. Went out to Lowe's searching for plate hangers and they don't carry them. That place has every other thing under the sun - no plate hangers. So that meant I had to go to the much dreaded Wal-Mart on a Saturday no less and that always sucks. But I got what I needed and came home unscathed. I did find the perfect small lamp for the living room as well as remembered to pick up pillow stuffing for the cool placemat I found the other day. Made another pillow in about 5 minutes. Love that idea whomever came up with it. Awesome AND cheap. Henry and I took a little nap, had some dinner and now I'm going to watch some HGTV or Food Network.

Am going in to work for 4 hours tomorrow to make up for some of Thursday's time off, then I have a lunch date with my son. That should be fun. We are going to clean out his "old" car tomorrow - lord knows what we'll find in there. Almost afraid to know. And then hopefully I will get my kitchen finished and all cleaned up, get some laundry done and coerce Patrick in to cutting some weeds down that have sprung up. My lawn boy will be here Wednesday for what will hopefully be the last mowing of the year.

Til next time.

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