Wednesday, September 16, 2009

September 16th

I am going to be the whiny bitch today. OMG! I am so frickin' tired and run down I can hardly stand it - and yet tomorrow I have 2 doctor appointments in two different towns and a MRI at 1:00. I told my boss I'd try to come in - but I know I won't go. I am ready to drop and it's 8:44 - just got back from Wally World and picking up more meds. Will it never end????

Enough of that. Whew, I feel better just getting it off my chest.

We bought my son a different car today - and he was thrilled. He's paying his part of the payment - we put both our cars on to the same loan - but he needed something safer and his old Taurus just wasn't cutting it any longer. Our town is too small for any type of real public transit - so if you don't have decent wheels you are SOL.

I was wondering if the MRI tech would consider letting me act as if I am at work where the confusion is at it's worst then pop me in the machine and let see if it shows anything different. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Patrick didn't think it would fly - but you never know. It'll probably be negative (which is good yes) but I don't want another round of tests, meds, etc to find out that it's just unknown why I am like I am now. Chemo and neurontin - that's my aunt's theory. We'll see who is right.

Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? I guess I swore last season when that wench Helen won it that I'd never watch again. But I forgot. lol And now I'm hooked again. ha

I'm almost finished with the collage I am working on for my room and as a treat to myself I ordered another canvas from Kelly Rae Roberts' collection to go in my room as well. LOVE HER!!! See? Some things aren't so bad.

Well I've got to check out some of my decorating blogs and see what people are up too - I stopped at Michael's tonight in SF and picked up a couple of "inspiration" things I'm going to work on next. Should be interesting any way.

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