Monday, September 14, 2009

Made it through the day

today! God I'm so glad it's over. My head hurts and I'm exhausted and want to eat the wood off the furniture because I am that stressed and when I am stressed I want to eat. Need I say more?

I had a good visit (is the doctor ever good?)with the neurologist Dr. Lisa Viola. She seemed very educated - another plus - and she DID NOT make me feel as if I was there for no reason. She did a series of tests with me and then stated that it could be a variety of issues but we did some VER test that showed me a lot of black and white squares that moved constantly with a little red square in the middle. Something about the optic nerve. I had electrodes on my head and then an eye patch over each eye as you did each side twice. That's what gave me the headache. Can't believe it hasn't gone away yet. Then she ordered and MRI of the brain for Thursday and in a few weeks I will be going to see a Dr. Sweatman for a neuropsych cognitive testing consult. Same office - different specialty of neurology. So I'll be all doctored out by the end of October - and will be hoping for good results. You always pray for them to tell you it's nothing but on the other hand - what is causing all this confusion, vision changes and memory loss? You know?

Patrick went with me, my sweet boy, and I wondered if he was having flashbacks to when he'd accompany me to all my oncology visits and sit there and ask questions, and watch me closely as they poked and prodded their way around my body. Way too much for a 20 year old boy - I don't care what people say.

Other then that - I will have to talk to my mom and aunt in a few minutes about the test results. Have resolved to stay off the phone for any reason until after 9:05 or wait til the weekend - I ran over on my minutes for the 2nd time ever last month and my bill was a whopping $136!!! I about passed out. So if you don't have Verizon - don't call me or think I'll be calling you. lol

Tuesday already tomorrow - feel as if the days are just rushing by. Hope all is well.

Til next time.

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