Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspired and tired....

can you be these things at the same time? I just got done reading all the latest on my blog sites I love - and now I want to start moving stuff around again, painting what doesn't need painting and just "re-making" stuff. I saw some beautiful candles, beads, and hurricane lamps that just scream FALL and now I need them. I read the blogs for entertainment and inspiration - but they just may be the death of me yet. ha

I left work early today and came home and just crashed for a few hours. I was typing and all of the sudden just felt so sick to my stomach and dizzy - knew it was from overdoing the past two weeks. I wish I could be truthful and say it was from actually "doing" something - but overdoing for me, who hasn't overdone in a long time, is a lot of time traveling in the car for hours at a time, many doctor appointments, the stress of those, and trying to deal with daily life itself. Not to mention the fact that my sister and brother in law are involved in an ugly divorce and I'm not talking to my sister. She hurt me in a way I didn't know possible - but I'll work on the forgiveness because I miss her and our talks - but I know myself and it'll be a while til that comes. I'm too damn stubborn for my own good.

Til next stay - stay well.

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  1. You can DEFINITELY be inspired and tired at the same time. Definitely. Sometimes, it's one of the greatest feelings ever.

    But don't overdo. (yeah, i need to take my own advice sometimes.) Especially as you battle a kick-ass illness. You need your strength and focus to keep it at bay.

    Hope you feel better soon.