Sunday, September 20, 2009


I just want to say that I officially am not feeling depressed right now. The meds are doing their job and although I feel tired, I am not crying, I'm making it to work, I am not isolating myself, etc. I partly feel like I've developed ADD - because TV drives me crazy and I've always been the person who knows what time it is by what is on the tube.......horrible, I know. But now I read about 4 pages, get up do something else, try to read again, can't, look for something else to do, that's why I'm tired. I am restless.

My collage is done, the baby stuff is wrapped and will get mailed out tomorrow, my sister in law is apparently in labor and trying to have my niece right now (Reese Marie Kelly), Patrick and I met for lunch after I had already worked 4 hours this morning by 11:00 - I went to work in the dark. What's wrong with me? AND I'm all caught up except for filing which I will put last on the list until I have nothing to do ever again. Filing is for the birds and I hate it. Clear enough? ha

Took Henry outside today and all he did was go to different parts of the yard and stand there. No playing, no frolicking in the wind - just stood there. And then I got a phone call and what is the next thing he does? Proceeds to eat a dead worm. I almost threw up. AAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Now I'll totally be more disgusted when he licks me then before. Just gross.

I just read Jill's note over at Forever Cottage and she said she started blogging because she was new in Minnesota and wanted to find friends. Everyone blogs for different reason's don't they? I love that only NV has discovered me or felt up to following me. What is there to follow anyway? I just like to write and with my new ADD it gives me something to do. Poor people that see this.

NV - where is the Chris Botti update anyway? I'm DYING to know how you and the mother did the other night.

Keeping my friend Norma, my sister in law Lindsey, my baby brother Dana and my friends nephew Sam in my prayers.

Hope your day was good. Til next time.


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