Thursday, September 3, 2009

Made It Through Thursday....

I honestly think things just might be progressing in the right direction these days - although that is a super scary thing to say out loud, let me tell you. My therapist had a late cancellation yesterday so I went in at 5 and wondered what we were going to talk about and we ended up talking about God, prayer, forgiveness and grief. This month is the 3rd anniversary of losing my beloved cousin Heidi to Multiple Myeloma at the tender age of 42 and I've never had time to grieve her untimely death. So working through my grief and really getting to the core of that will be the next big challenge now that the meds seem (fingers crossed, hoping with all hope)to be putting me at that much needed plateau. I am even going to try massage therapy to get at where the grief is locked. That'll prove to be interesting.

So I stayed home yesterday and rested, did my therapy, picked up my pills and all was much better today. I am almost caught up at work, my boss was ok with my missing work as long as it was for Mental Health issues again - I think I scare him. ha! We are heading to Iowa tomorrow for the long weekend to spend time with family, I have staff training 2 days next week out of town and the following week will be all about doctor appointments. Lovely.

I didn't get any projects done today except for getting the oil changed. Forgot to get gas and the car washed - imagine that, me forgetting something. Guess I'll try to do that early in the day so I'll just load the car up at noon and we can be on the road right around 5. Am loathing the trip - but looking forward to hanging out with the kids. Patrick loves being with my brother - and it's always fun to watch them together. Wade might act like a big jerk - but he's a big ole pile of mush inside. Kind of like me - not the jerk part, but I try to act strong and as if I don't need any one.Lies. All lies.

They are predicting gorgeous weather this weekend and no chance of rain. I am so looking forward to that as well. Have a safe weekend everyone and if you are traveling - safe travels to you as well. Til next time.

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