Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday the 28th

Today was the most ridiculous day - first of all, I get to work and look at the calendar and realize I've forgotten to send my parents an anniversary card. 46 years - you'd think I'd get that down. Had to call and apologize tonight - way to go daughter.

8:05 a.m. started with phone calls to and from the auto place and talking to the service manager and sales manager. My transmission is shot - easy fix though - for $3,250!!!!! WHAT???????? Now where in the hell do they think I'm going to find that kind of money. I mean really. Sure, I can put it on my credit card, but even if I did have a slush fund with that kind of cash sitting around I could think of more important things to use it on. So long story short - they'll give me what I think is more then fair for my car that DOESN'T work and I am going to purchase another vehicle. It's a little older, but really low miles on it and it's sharp. They even drove it up to me tonight so I could take it to my mechanic tomorrow to have him look at it and I thought that was nice. Tomorrow I'll be driving a Grand Prix GT instead of my reliable old Taurus. I've owned Taurus' since 1995 - gonna be a change coming. ha

NV over at This D*mn House talked about the weather changes - I'll say. Supposed to be 32 degrees here tonight and I'm sitting here wrapped up in my blanket praying for warm weather because I refuse to turn the furnace on when it's still September! No way Jose.

I walked in the door tonight after all of this back and forth and test driving and asking opinions of everyone and their dog about what I should do and I wanted to just collapse. If I was still as depressed as before I would be heading for inpatient treatment ASAP = the way it is, I'm stressed beyond my comfort level, you know? I keep reminding myself to take deep breaths.

Til next time.

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