Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So new at this stuff

I am finding myself to be more and more illiterate when it comes to this blogging stuff. It took me like an hour to put in 4 sites I follow and then others that say "grab my button" - well how does that work? Who knows.

I am obsessed with decorating blogs right now. Read them every night and find so much inspiration everywhere - and am really impressed by the women who have so much talent and put themselves out there day in and day out. Congrats to each of you.

Today I was so exhausted I could not keep my eyes open in the morning. My dear friend K who calls each day to be sure I am awake and with the living seems more tired each day she calls me as well. She is an hour behind me in time - so she's really getting up with the birds. I just keep focusing on July 24th which is the day I meet with the psychiatrist for the first time and see what I need to do. Have checked in to acupuncture as well and apparently insurance WILL pay for that. They won't pay for genetic testing but they'll pay for someone to put needles in me - I'm not sure what I should think about that.

I woke up really shaky this morning and have had stomach issues all day long. I had to have my gallbladder out in April and have been doing pretty good. I'm not even eating stuff that is high in fat content so I'm confused as to why the stomach things - although my therapist did ask me if I was having diarrhea because that is a symptom of anxiety. Also sweating a lot - did you know that? Some days I'm find and some days you wonder if I had even washed my hair because it is still so wet by the time I make my way to work.

I am writing this site for myself but it would be pretty cool if somebody found my site and left me a comment. One of these days. Could be the low self-esteem/depression/anxiety talking though. I usually don't care about stuff like that.

Heading to bed. Another long day tomorrow - but at least book club is tomorrow night and that should be fun. I love those ladies!


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