Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Saturday

What a few days it's been. Hard to believe last Saturday I was lounging at my "spa" and celebrating my two year survival from Ovarian Cancer.

I went to meet the nurse practitioner yesterday regarding psych drug management. He added Wellbutrin to my growing list of "keep me sane" meds and adjusted how much Clonopin I take and how often. We'll see if this does it. I am so ready to stop feeling so damn bad all the time. Oh, and he thinks I do NOT have an anxiety disorder just (ha - just) major depression. So I guess that is good news.

My 10 year old nephew won one heat today at the All American Soap Box Derby Races in Akron, Ohio this morning. It was the first time he made it to the big leagues and something like 66% of the kids that make it do not get to race a 2nd time - it's single elimination. So for him to do it twice was such a big deal. I'm so excited for him (and my brother). Now they are driving back to Des Moines all day tomorrow as they have the National Soap Box Derby Races in DSM this year starting on Monday and Steven has qualified for that also. Busy, busy, busy. I hope they have a safe trip home and that Steven is proud of himself.

My oldest niece turned 13 yesterday - hard to believe! And just this past Monday they found out there mom is divorcing their step-dad of 10 years. All I know is that they need him and he needs them and my sister better keep her promise that Marty can be in their lives.

Take care out there.

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