Sunday, October 25, 2009


I think the sun is peaking out which is a GREAT surprise because they are talking snow/rain mix today. Love it!

My leg is finally starting to feel better - had a bad chiropractic experience and trouble walking correctly since then. Finally have it to where the Ben-Gay is working and I'm walking much better - which makes such a difference. I take for granted my legs working properly - but after the past couple of weeks, including 24 hours of major leg cramps, I'll not do that any longer.

Major drama going on with my sister and it just boggles my mind. I realize she is 43 and the driver of her own life - but the girl is messed up. She told us at the end of July that she was leaving her husband. We all love him - but she has to live with him so we are going to be supportive. 2 days later she has moved out with the kids and taken them away from the only father they have known in 10 years. Next we find out she's been having an affair and has used my depression to "get away" to be with the guy and telling her husband that she is with me "helping me". Whatever!!!! Now she's been evicted from the new apartment, moving in with a friend who has a 13 year old daughter and will live there until when. So imagine my surprise when my brother in law called yesterday to ask if I knew that my sister is moving to Iowa at the end of the kids semester to be with the new boyfriend. BAD, BAD IDEA. Her kids are 13 and 16 - do you think they want to move from the only place they've known as home to live with some guy they don't know? I am having a really hard time with it - you worry so much about the kids and I know my sister is just in survival mode right now and doing things that don't make sense to anybody but her. It's crazy stuff -

I am off to my oncology appointment tomorrow afternoon - have been going every 4 months the past two appointments. My blood work is good - so I am hoping they say 6 months for the next time. I don't even feel nervous - don't have any questions that I can think of and am looking forward to hearing - doing well, see you in a few months. After that I plan to start really work on taking care of myself in a way I've not done for a couple of years now. I am ready to do it and with my leg finally feeling better it'll be a lot easier to plan my strategy instead of worrying about what machines I could or couldn't use, etc. Will blog about that later as I get geared up.

Meeting my son today for a movie and then will clean up around the house some more. Am trying to get ready for Halloween - so many things to think about and what kids can eat. I don't get a lot of trick or treaters because I live in the University side of town and the college kids aren't much for giving out candy - but all of my friends bring their kids over and I try to get what they like to eat and some of them have allergies. I've got a few days. lol

Til next time....

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